Blue Pants Western Umbrella Butcher Shop, 2010

This experimental narrative uses non-linear storytelling techniques to present short character vignettes that were inspired by real life characters. Each vignette is imagined out of made up circumstances that occur surreptitiously within a simulated gaming environment. On site vox-pop interviews were conducted in the streets of Sydney. The resulting audio was processed and re-interpreted into a simulated representation of the characters. Cinematic sequences were created to follow tangent stories, bringing the simulated character into a cinematic landscape whereby the physical realm melds with a metaphysical state of trance and fantasy. The concept of gaming interactivity is exploited to reveal a cinematically evolved set of characters and circumstances.

This video was created for the KINO Sydney filmmaking forum. The title of the work, Blue Pants Western Umbrella Butcher Shop , relates to a challenge given to the filmmaker to create a unique genre fusion film. Elements of the Western genre are incorporated into the work with original and sampled footage. The items of the umbrella, blue pants and butcher shop were included into the work in order to fulfil the challenge. A gaming environment, modelled after the SCUMM generator used in early Lucas Art video games, provides a cohesive platform under which all the action occurs as the result of the user interacting with the characters via a series of questions.



Blue Pants Western Umbrella Butcher Shop, 2010. Video screenshot

Blue Pants Western Umbrella Butcher Shop video screenshot, Bryden Willaims, 2010.