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The Last Morning at Home, 2016

Posted by Bryden on November 18, 2016 in AUSTRALIA, NSW, Site Specific / Installation |

This work explores the notion of home and absence through photographic and audio recordings of a semi-vacant building. The images, taken during an evening of solitude in a former home in the Blue Mountains, NSW, draw attention to the grain structure of the photographs while zooming out to reveal the design aspects of this house […]

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River Detritus, 2016 -2017

Posted by Bryden on June 22, 2016 in AUSTRALIA, NSW, Site Specific / Installation |

River Detritus is a series of sculptures that combine the raw material of cement with river sand and found objects, creating fabricated archaeological specimens extracted from selected sites along the Cox’s River in the Blue Mountains. The River Detritus series extrapolates on the mainstay material of concrete within water-management and hydroelectric infrastructures in Australia. Concrete […]

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Hydro-Wilderness, 2016

Posted by Bryden on June 22, 2016 in NSW, Photography, VICTORIA |

Hydro-Wilderness deals with the aesthetic and environmental implications of hydroelectric and water management infrastructures. This work documents the cultural and aesthetic integrities of both ecological and technological forces at play within the Australian environment in the form of a series of photographs centered on the infrastructural aspects of water management and hydroelectric facilities. Building on […]

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Street Lamp above River, 2016

Posted by Bryden on March 2, 2016 in NSW, Photography |

Street Lamp above River is a site-specific work that sees a streetlamp removed from its typical urban setting and placed in an estranged environment beside a tranquil river in the photographic component and also within the gallery as a light-based sculpture. The physical lamp demarcates the gallery space as a functional readymade whilst also appearing […]

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Fire Sprinkler (australian standard campfire), 2016 – 2017

Posted by Bryden on March 2, 2016 in NSW, Site Specific / Installation, Uncategorized |

‘Fire Sprinkler (australian standard campfire’ (2016-2017) is a documented site-specific interaction between a campfire and a fire sprinkler system. The work explores the entropic natures of water and fire within technologically altered spaces. The work was performed on a mid-section of the Coxs River in the Blue Mountains, a tributary to Warragamba reservoir. Water from the river was […]

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Outdoors, 2016

Posted by Bryden on March 2, 2016 in NSW, Uncategorized, Video |

Outdoors explores the state of control throughout both secure interior spaces and expansive outdoor sites. Featuring footage shot around the Gardens of Stone National Park, NSW and the Bogong High Plains, Victoria, Outdoors addresses the dichotomy between public vs. private through compositing footage from wilderness areas onto secure architectural spaces in a dissection of the heritage workshop […]

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Intervention Self Portrait (Kelgoola), 2015

Posted by Bryden on June 17, 2015 in NSW, Site Specific / Installation |

Intervention Self Portrait (Kelgoola) is a kinetic sculptural work. It was created through an ongoing process of finding ways to capture Australia’s pastoral landscape. The name Kelgoola refers to the location where the footage was shot, being the title of a family acerage in Megalong Valley; a former mining town in the upper Blue Mountains / […]

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Bird’s Cave, 2015

Posted by Bryden on April 16, 2015 in NSW, Site Specific / Installation |

Bird’s Cave is a site-specific installation created inside a sandstone cave located on a free-hold property on edge of the Wollemi National Park, near Ganguddy (Dunn’s Swamp). It was a temporary revisitation to the site’s former character, made visible by re-animated objects inside a cave space accompanied by the ghostly presence of a decaying car. The […]

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