I Smell Smoke, 2014

I Smell Smoke  alludes to the universal human activity of cooking with fire and heat, suggesting a meeting point between the primal campfire and the modern kitchen stove; two historically disparate technologies harnessing the energy of fire and electricity to achieve the common purpose of cooking.

The work consists of two parts. The first; filmed documentation of a site-specific intervention featuring a kitchen extractor fan installed above a smoldering campfire in an outdoor setting (see above). The second component is a wall-mounted sculpture consisting of the two carbon filters taken from the fan after the initial intervention has occurred. The fan itself was salvaged from the side of the road – still in its original packaging and showing no signs of wear or use. Upon discovering the device, Williams has incorporated it into a staged performance that gives the carefully engineered object a seemingly contemplative purpose through it’s undergoing a filmed experiment that is captured through both video documentation and also via a residual scent that now permeates from the fan and it’s carbon filters – a noticeable element of the installed work.



I Smell Smoke 03

I Smell Smoke install detail, Bryden Williams, 2014. Hood fan filter, motor and video projection (4:21)

I Smell Smoke 300dpi

I Smell Smoke photo documentation, Bryden Williams, 2014.