Kiewa Peripheral (single channel), 2016

Shot during a residency at the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture in February 2015, Kiewa Peripheral is a single-channel video that extends from a body of work focussed on probing the distinction between man-made and natural spaces, using dams and hydroelectric infrastructure as an example of systematic containment of otherwise free-flowing organic matter.

Using a custom built rotation head for filming (see Intervention Self Portrait), Kiewa Peripheral explores the landscapes of the Bogong High Plains and the surrounding Kiewa Hydroelectric Scheme, coursing between mountain top vistas and water-surface perspectives whilst also entering into a hydro-dam itself. This continually panning footage reveals the hydrological features of an otherwise pristine sub-alpine region.


Kiewa Peripheral, Bryden Williams, 2016, LCD TV and ceiling hanging mount with single-channel 07:15

Kiewa Peripheral (single channel), Bryden Williams, 2016. LCD TV and ceiling hanging mount and steel fixture with single-channel 07:15 HD video