Luci, 2013

A brief filmed segment of super 8 film is spliced onto a length of leader. The head and tail of the leader feeds through the projector in a loop. The partially degraded emulsion portrays a white arab horse, Luci, gracefully bowing his head.

Luci was an ex-racehorse following a previous accident where he became entangled in a fence and cut his hind legs badly. It was after this accident that my dad acquired him and cared for him for many years.

Luci eventually passed away from colic. This film is a homage to Luci’s life.

Originally screened at BYOB, Archive Space, Sydney, 2013


Luci, super 8 film dimensions variable, 2013.

Luci screenshot of Super 8 film, Bryden Willaims, 2013.