Techno Fire, 2012

Techno Fire is an installation that explores the roles of artificial and natural light in a technologically saturated environment.

The human reliance on light is a phenomenon that resides as a product of our primal infatuation and dependence on fire. Techno Fire responds to this notion and creates new meaning through engaging with select crafted objects, technologies, environments and sensory elements that produce light.

As a domesticated object, fire alludes to reverie and comfort, while as an environmental phenomenon it is a force of destruction and renewal. Each element of Techno Fire is crafted as a response to the predominance of fire in the realms of traditional Anglo-centric Australian culture. To cook, to heat, to defend, to grow and to destroy – Fire is responsible for our current technological era and has been an enduring technological creation since cavemen first manipulated heat and flames.


Perspex Combustion Stove, 2012. Perspex, wood, Ipod Touch, steel fixtures.

Perspex Combustion Stove, Bryden Williams, 2012. Perspex, wood, Ipod Touch, steel fixtures.

Burning Log, 2012. Wood, Ipod Touch, perspex, screws.

Burning Log, Bryden Williams, 2012. Wood, Ipod Touch, perspex, screws.

Boiling Billy, 2012. Billy, water, humidifier, wood.

Boiling Billy, Bryden Williams, 2012. Billy, water, humidifier, wood.

Techno Fire install detail, 2012.

Techno Fire install detail, Bryden Williams,  2012.