Techno Tree, 2010

Techno Tree is an installation that forms a scrutinisation of humanity’s involvement with new media and technologies – of the combined human and technological forces that shape the planet and its different ecosystems.

The media inflicted sculptural pieces illustrate various mechanisms and ways that technology has infiltrated and is interfering with the functions and activities of humans, the spaces around us and ecological activity. The arrangement of these weatherproof and environmentally adaptive pieces illustrates a connection between the interior and exterior spaces of architectural and structured spaces vs. the natural environment and its organic substances.

Human and landscape interaction is explored with an eye for the way that man made technologies are put in place to extend the features, functions and form of already existing biological functions of the human body and the natural forces of the landscape and also the insects that exist purely on instinct.

The capabilities of renewable energy are implemented in the works as small scale experimentation pieces. For instance, the solar power panels for the bee hive dream house and the non-functional but suggested process of hydro electricity and hydro electricity that is common in the Australian Landscape.

Ultimately, Techno Tree undermines the symbiotic relationship between humans, plants and insects by considering the increasing human dependence on technology and how this affects flora and fauna. These works are weather proof and have the potential to exist as self-sufficient mini standalone techno environment systems wherby the featured plant life may change and grow over time. The social and biological systems of humans, plants and animals are undermined in this work by a consideration of the increasing human dependence on electronic devices and how this affects the natural landscape.


Techno Tree install detail, 2010.

Techno Tree outdoor install detail, Bryden Williams, 2010. Bee boxes, looped video of bee hive, solar power supply.

Techno Tree install detail, 2010.

Techno Tree interior install detail, Bryden Williams, 2010. Perspex, willow branch, water, EL and LED lights, bee boxes, solar power supply and LCD TV with looped video.

Techno Tree, 2010. Perspex, wood, willow tree, LCD TV, soil.

Techno Tree, Bryden Williams, 2010. Perspex, wood, willow tree, LCD TV, soil.